Several of our TF members attended and gave talks at the NOAO workshop on Tools for Astronomical Big Data, during March 9-11 in Tucson AZ. The meeting was attended by more than 120 astronomers, computer scientists, data analysts, and other similar collaborative disciplines. Talks by our members (in alphabetical order):

  • Brian Bue, "Leveraging Annotated Archival Data with Domain Adaptation to Improve Data Triage in Optical Astronomy" (contributed talk)
  • Francisco Forster, "The High Cadence Transient Survey - HiTS" (invited talk at the DECam Community Science Workshop)
  • Matthew Graham, "Characterizing the variable sky with CRTS" (contributed talk)
  • Pablo Huijse, "Mining periodic variable stars using Information Theory and GPGPU" (poster presentation)
  • Erzsébet Merényi, "Knowledge discovery from the Hyperspectral sky" (invited talk).
All presentations, along with the conference program are available for download at the workshop's website. (You could also link the "available for download at the workshop'd web site" to the download URL.)